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Music City Scoring is located in Nashville, TN.

We provide world class Emmy and Grammy Award winning musicians, composers, conductors, orchestrators, producers, video game scoring, film scoring, solo vocalists, choirs, string sections, woodwind sections, brass sections, percussion, piano, world instruments, vocal coaching, recording engineering, mix engineering and mastering engineering.

Additionally, we provide world class makeup artists, stylists, image specialists, promotion teams, artist managers, film and video professionals when needed. In other words, we provide all encompassing production services.

Owner and Founder, Neal Merrick Blackwood

Music City Scoring is owned and operated by Multi-Platinum selling, Multiple Grammy Award winning producer, Neal Merrick BlackwoodNeal Merrick Blackwood has over 35 years of experience in recording, mixing, producing, composing, arranging, contracting and scoring. 

Pictured: Neal Merrick Blackwood working at Blackbird Studio A in Nashville

Neal Merrick Blackwood of Music City Scoring Nashville

Nashville, TN is home to Music City Scoring

Our film scoring orchestra resides in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Many of our orchestra members perform in some of the finest orchestras in the world such as the Nashville Symphony. Depending on the size of the project, the orchestra or choral groups can vary. We customize our staff to your needs whether it be for films, video games, TV, artist recordings or live shows. Music City Scoring is very adept at performing all genres of music. We also offer a cutting edge audio and video services for doing remote recording sessions with us via the internet. In this way, location is of no concern. We work with clients around the world on film scoring, TV scoring, and video game scoring. The technology of today allows us to work as if we were in the same room together. 

Pictured: Reading the scores at Ocean Way Nashville Studio A

All Encompassing

We are very accustomed to providing exactly whatever is required by the client. Whether you need solo musicians, quartets or over a 100 piece orchestra, we can serve your needs.

World Class Recording Studios in Nashville

Our orchestra works out of world renowned world class recording facilities such as Blackbird Studio and Ocean Way Nashville. Recordings done with Music City Scoring are released to you in writing. Ultimately, this insures complete ownership of your recordings with us, so that you are free to use your recordings with us as you please. Our composition services are of the best in the world.

All Size Projects

Finally, Music City Scoring offers free project proposals to fit most any budget. Contact us to book your orchestral project.

Tax Rebates in Tennessee for Orchestral Scoring for TV, Film and Video Games

 The Tennessee government just released fantastic rebate incentives for scoring and orchestral work done for TV, film and video games. /Due to these incentives, the affordability of doing orchestral projects in Nashville is just another major incentive to work with us and our orchestra. Moreover, we feel that these incentives are a great help to our clients.  Not surprisingly, our clients are very excited to take advantage of the fact that Nashville is one of the most affordable world class scoring and orchestral music destinations in the world.

 Merrick Music Studios

Our private recording facility is Merrick Music. It is an Avid Pro Tools™ HD Ultimate based studio using some of the finest microphones (Schoeps, Neumann, etc.) and microphone preamplifiers (Millennia, Neve, etc.) available. We proudly endorse Millennia Music & Media Systems. We have Avid HD I/O interfaces, full range ATC monitoring system and screening room. Avid Pro Tools™ HD Ultimate is the leading standard of professional audio recording, editing and mixing systems in the music industry. Additionally, we use Avid Sibelius® Ultimate for music engraving. Conveniently, our studios also offer our clients very comfortable lounge areas, recording environments and mixing environments.