Merrick Music and Music City Scoring Production Studios

Merrick Music is a Multi-Platinum selling, Multiple Grammy Award winning production company and recording studio facility.  Merrick Music serves as the headquarters of Music City Scoring and Merrick Music. Music City Scoring and Merrick Music is owned and founded by Neal Merrick Blackwood of the Grammy Hall Of Fame, Blackwood gospel family. We fulfill every music production need with over 25 years of Multi-Platinum selling, Grammy Award winning experience in recording, production, scoring and our own Music City Scoring Orchestra. We have extensive experience working with all genres of music. We provide musician contracting, producing, composing, arranging, engineering, recording, mixing and mastering. Our studio facility is an Avid Pro Tools™ HD Ultimate based studio using some of the finest microphones (Schoeps, Neumann, etc.) and microphone preamplifiers (Millennia, Neve, etc.) available. We proudly endorse Millennia Music & Media Systems. We have Avid HD I/O interfaces, ATC full range monitoring, KRK full range monitoring with sub, etc. Due to the accuracy of our studio monitoring and room tuning, our mixes and recordings sound amazing on the maximum number of broadcast facilities, club PA systems, internet streaming and playback devices (Full range monitors, PA systems, laptops, cellphones, earbuds, headphones, etc.). The importance of top tier monitoring, experience and equipment is paramount to getting the best sound possible. We have dedicated ours lives to providing the best quality available anywhere in the world. Avid Pro Tools™ HD Ultimate is regarded as the leading standard of professional audio recording, editing and mixing systems in the music industry. We use Avid Sibelius® Ultimate for music engraving. We also have a very comfortable lounge area, recording environment and mixing environment.