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Music Scoring Services in Nashville

We offer custom music scoring services in Nashville. All production and orchestral scoring services are included in your fee. We can handle everything for your music scoring project.

Equally as important to how you record,  is where you record. We can help you choose the studio that best fits the needs of your project. It’s important to realize that orchestral scoring needs do vary by production.  Each studio has different features and benefits. Some productions are better suited to large rooms. Others benefit from more intimate recording environments. We work in some of the top recording studios in the world. These studios have great features and star studded reputations. Conversely, your budget may not allow for large scale live music scoring services in Nashville or elesewhere. There are also other options available that we can discuss.

Music Scoring Services in Nashville – Budgets

Although there is a limit to what you can do on a budget, we have amazing budgetary solutions. For instance, large orchestras may not always be necessary. In other words, a quartet may be exactly what you need for a score. Alternately, you may not require a 100+ piece orchestra to sound full. Instead, a 40 piece orchestra can give you a stunningly beautiful sound when using clevor arrangments and recording techniques in the right room to create whatever desired effect that you are looking to achieve. We can also impliment hybrid orchestral techniques to greatly enhance any orchestral recording whether the original recording is on a large or small scale.

Below is just a sampling of our comprehensive services:

  • Composition (All encompassing)
  • Music Scoring (All encompassing)
  • Arranging (All encompassing)
  • Recording (All encompassing)
  • Engineering (All encompassing)
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Copying and engraving
  • Orchestra contracting
  • Conducting
  • Production (All encompassing)
  • Musical Directors
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Contracting Musicians
  • Contracting Solo Vocalists and Choral Ensembles
  • Orchestration
  • Administration and Scheduling Services
  • Recording Studios
  • Live performances

Merrick Management and Media Services handles our scheduling and administration. Therefore, we insure that your project will run smoothly and these services are included in your orchestral scoring project with us.

Merrick Music does all pre and post production work at our private facility.