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Ocean Way Studio in  Nashville


Pictured above: The live room at Ocean Way Nashville Studio A

Ocean Way Nashville is built in the sanctuary of a 100-year-old church, Studio A houses a 38′ x 50′ main room with 30′ ceilings, four large iso rooms and stained glass windows. Additionally, the 25′ x 32′ x 16′ control room features a custom 80-input, 64-monitor, all Discreet Neve 8078, the largest of its type in the world. Therefore, the large room has ideal acoustics and dimensions for orchestral recording. Lastly, the A Lounge is conveniently located directly below the Studio A control room. The lounge comes equipped with a full kitchen, entertainment center, billiards table, lounge area, dining table and private bathrooms.

Blackbird Studio in Nashville

Pictured above: The live room at Blackbird Studio A in Nashville


Neal Merrick Blackwood at Blackbird Studios Nashville

Pictured above: Neal Merrick Blackwood and Music City Scoring at Blackbird Studio A control room in Nashville

Blackbird Studio A is centered around a highly customized Neve 8078 console. Studio A features 11 different recording areas including a variable Hidley designed chamber. Additionally, the large tracking room has adjustable flutter-free panels for added acoustical control. Most noteworthy, Blackbird has the largest microphone collection in the world. The A Lounge is located above the Studio A live room. It has a full kitchen, dining table and private bathrooms. Certainly, we define Blackbird as being a world class recording facility which is ideal for orchestral recording.

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